Just Plain Foolishness (Always Trouble Somewhere Series, Book 6)
Wanda E. Brunstetter
Barbour Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9781602601352
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 11) for Reader Views (2/09)


Have you had the urge to help but some people told you that you not helping? Rachel Yoder wants to help. Her grandfather’s and father’s barn burned down. As in the Amish way, the whole community comes to help rebuild it. Rachel Yoder tries to help but it seems like she is always in the way. Why is it that the boys can help the men, but the girls can only bring beverages to the men and boys or help in the kitchen?

Rachel feels like she is no longer important to her family. After all, her family seems more interested in the new baby than they do her. Maybe she should go away, and she does. She and her friend take off without telling the Yoders where they are going. Her family is frenzied when they cannot find her. Is her exciting day at the amusement park really worth it?

In “Just Plain Foolishness,” like the other books in Wanda E Brunstetter’s series “Always Trouble Somewhere,” the author gives young girls a chance to get a glimpse into Amish everyday life. Perhaps Amish girls struggle with the same things that other girls do too. If a girl is suddenly thrust into being a “big sister” she will really enjoy reading about how Rachel handles it. Wanda Brunstetter is an awesome author and I really hope she continues to write more books about Rachel Yoder.

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