Just One Bite By Lola Schaefer

Just One Bite By Lola Schaefer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Just One Bite
Lola Schaefer
Chronicle Books (2010)
ISBN 9780811864732
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (11/10)

Have you ever wondered just how big of a bite an octopus can take? What about a sperm whale? What do worms eat? How many flies can a frog catch? Does a bunny ever get sick of eating clover? “Just One Bite” is a life size look at eleven animals and their bites! Children of all ages will enjoy learning about these animals and their life size bites! After all, everyone gets hungry!

Madison’s thoughts:

“WOW! What a huge book! It’s so big! Look at all the big pages! Can we read it? I want to read it!

The worm eats dirt. Can he eat everything like grass and bones or snails and leaves? With just one sip a butterfly can eat this much nectar {3 sips}. The frog eats flies! Octopus eats crab, just the tender parts please. A parrot eats nuts. The elephants eat bamboo! I want to go to a place with bamboo! The whale can eat a squid! What’s a squid?

I want to read all of the stories at the end. I like to learn about the animals. I loved it! It was great. The pages are big and they open up so you can see the whole whale! I didn’t like the snake.”

Mom’s thoughts:

“Just One Bite” is a wonderful book that I will recommend to all of my friends who have children. The book is huge, which was an immediate delight for both of my children. My two-year-old loves reading this book with us. The pages are vivid and life like so that the reader feels they are actually seeing these animals. The book is about the size of a medium pizza box. The girls loved that the pages folded out for the large animals. I enjoyed that they liked learning about the animals and what they eat. Madison took a very active interest in the back cover which holds detailed information about each animal in this book. I couldn’t find anything discouraging about this book. It has been a hit since it arrived and the girls frequently ask to read it, or look at it on their own. I was very happy with “Just One Bite.”


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