Just Line Around By Kinsy McVay

Just Line Around By Kinsy McVay 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Just Line Around
Kinsy McVay
Eloquent Books (2009)
ISBN 9781608604234
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 6) for Reader Views (07/10)

Grayce: “I’m a vertical line most of the time, but a masterpiece when I move. It was a crazy book, but more than that it was cool. I wish I could swirl (like the line in the book). I know it’s one line…they never picked up their pen.” [Proceeds to act out the line.] “I can do something lines can’t do – roll my tongue and flip it over. I like the fact that the line is talking.”

Parent’s comments: I love books that encourage flexible thinking – new ways to perceive the world – and this book does an excellent job of that. “Just Line Around” is the story of a line that liked to be horizontal, but after burping (and creating a slight wave in his otherwise straight world) he decides there are so many other fun ways to express being a line. Wavy, Zigzag, and curled. The line gets more and more adventurous, making pictures that become more intricate. By the end he decides that while its fun to try new things, he enjoys being just himself – most of the time. I would highly recommend this book as a parent.


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