Jonathan’s Journey to Mount Miapu
Ellen Wolfson Valladares
Argami Productions (2008)
ISBN 9780979832406
Reviewed by Avery Largent (age 9) for Reader Views (2/09)


“Jonathan’s Journey to MountMiapu” by Ellen Wolfson Valladares is a good book about a young boy who is sent to the mystical land of MountMiapu.  This book is very odd in many ways, from the plot to the drawings, still in a good, entertaining way.  The author does a very good job describing the character’s emotions and makes you feel like you really know them.

In all the ways you could possibly think of, “Jonathan’s Journey to MountMiapu” is a very strange book.  The plot has very odd, fantastical tricks such as humongous tigers, crazy, mystical people, and endless fantasy–styled fun!  In this book, Jonathan learns his “soul” has lived three-hundred and seventy–three lives!  They even think strange, yet enjoyable odd thoughts.  However, even the drawings are odd!  They are good, but just interesting to look at.  There are always little mysteries.  Like, the front cover for instance:  whose – or what’s – eyes are those peeking through the bushes?  Those are always fun to look at and imagine what they could be.

The author does a very good job describing the characters’ emotions and thoughts.  Though she doesn’t very often explain their exact thoughts, she usually describes the characters and their reactions so that you understand how they are feeling.  She’ll say “their eyes were wide,” “he took a few steps back, feeling numb,” and stuff like that.  I especially liked the following passage – “Terror consumed Jonathan as the ferocious beast drew closer and closer.   This is it, Jonathan told himself.  He thought with sadness about his family, lamenting that he probably would never see them again, all because of his stupidity.”  It’s just a simple, good paragraph; easy, but does a good job showing the character’s thoughts and feelings.

“Jonathan’s Journey to MountMiapu” by Ellen Wolfson Valladares is an altogether good book, however odd it is.  I really like how well the author is able to describe their thoughts and feelings, despite how odd the characters are.  I hope Ellen Wolfson Valladares writes more books, and once they come out, I would love to read them.  I would recommend this book to my friends, with one word:  enjoy!

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