John Denver’s Ancient Rhymes: A Dolphin Lullaby
Christopher Canyon
Dawn Publications (2004)
ISBN 9781584690658
Reviewed by Max Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (11/10)

In “John Denver’s Ancient Rhymes: A Dolphin Lullaby,” Christopher Canyon takes the lyrics of John Denver’s “Ancient Rhymes” and creates corresponding illustrations to help tell the tale of the dolphin.


“This was another song by the same guy who sang the ‘Country Roads’ song. I like the things he sings. This one was about dolphins. The pictures are in the ocean. There is a baby dolphin in the book. My favorite picture is the one where the dolphin’s mouth is open and he is singing. You can see his dolphin teeth.”

Parent’s comments:

“John Denver’s Ancient Rhymes: A Dolphin Lullaby” is another great John Denver song changed into book form. His music translates wonderfully into children’s stories. We recommend this book to any John Denver fan, young or old.



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