Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love: John 11-16 by Kay Arthur with Lisa Guest, Janna Arndt, Cyndy Shearer

Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love: John 11-16 by Kay Arthur with Lisa Guest, Janna Arndt, Cyndy Shearer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love: John 11-16
Kay Arthur with Lisa Guest, Janna Arndt, Cyndy Shearer
Harvest House Publishers (2000)
ISBN 9780736901444
Reviewed by Anne Marie Medema (age 12) for Reader Views (2/08)

Kay Arthur is the founder of Precept Ministries International.  For the last four years, I have had the privilege to participate in a Precept class and use Kay Arthur’s books as the study material.  “Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love” is one of the Kay Arthur study books that I used in my Precept class.  I am familiar with this series of books and the writing style and material content that Kay Arthur uses in this book.  Kay Arthur is a Christian author and this book is written specifically for children who are seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible.  Kay Arthur gives children Bible stories to study in a fun format.

“Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love” is a children’s Bible study of John, chapters 11 through 16.  The book is divided into chapters called Weeks.  Each week is segmented into seven days.  The purpose is to study each portion on consecutive days. Kay Arthur makes up creative modern-day scenarios to make a factual Biblical point.  In “Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love” Kay Arthur encourages the reader to make a movie using pictures and words.  The reader completes the Bible story and thus making the movie.  The Biblical study in this book is about how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Mary anointing Jesus and Jesus preaching throughout Israel.  Throughout the book there are Biblical cross-references that relate to the study of the book.  For example if you were studying the feast of the tabernacles you might go to a different book of the Bible and find information about the same feast and other feasts which are included in the Bible.

I recommend “Jesus–Awesome Power, Awesome Love” because it is presented in a question and answer study format.  I enjoyed how Kay Arthur encouraged the reader to produce a movie.  In particular, Kay Arthur encourages children to open their Bibles and study God’s Word in a deep way.  The book caused me to stop and think about my faith in God.  This book is an excellent source for a Bible study in a church Sunday school program, kids program or family devotion.

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