Jamie’s Dream by Susan Berger & Christopher Corbin

Jamie’s Dream by Susan Berger & Christopher Corbin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Jamie’s Dream
Susan Berger & Christopher Corbin
Guardian Angel Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781933090801
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (9/08)

“Jamie’s Dream” begins with Jamie waking up from a dream about riding on a dragon over a mountain made of ice cream.  At breakfast that morning, Jamie asks his mother where he can go to buy a dream and starts off on a quest to find out.  He asks various people he interacts with on a daily basis and with a little help from the magic of a “puffball” he finds his way.

Max:  “Ice cream!”

Cayden:  “Mountains made of ice cream??  Can we go there?”

Cayden:  “He wants 10 pieces of French toast for breakfast??  That is a lot!  I think he will get a tummy ache!”

Cayden:  “I like how he keeps saying the list of things over and over again.  I can say it too!”

Max:  “Dandelion!  Blow seeds!”

Cayden:  “We do that in our yard!”

Cayden:  “Is that the dream store?”

Cayden:  “I like the pictures in the book except he doesn’t have any teeth in the front.  Why?”

Parent’s comments:
“Jamie’s Dream” by Susan Berger & Christopher Corbin is a magical, creative book.  The illustrations give a very tie-dyed, 1970s feel to the book.  The colors are very bright and attention-grabbing.  My children loved the repetition in the book and the unique things that Jamie encountered.  There were some parts where my children lost interest in the book, but then something interesting happened again and they got back into it.  Overall, “Jamie’s Dream” is a fun, imaginative story!

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