It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr

It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr 150 150 Reader Views Kids

It’s Okay to be Different
Todd Parr
Little, Brown Young Readers (2001)
ISBN 9780316666039
Reviewed by Olivia Alejandre (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (1/08)

Mom’s review / summary:
“The title of the book certainly gives it away, but once I read the book with Olivia, I appreciated it even more.  I love the diversity of the differences presented, especially the ones related to feelings.  Not many books talk about the range of feelings that kids experience – they tend to focus only on the sharing or anger ones.  Anytime kids can understand that their feelings are normal and acceptable, I think it helps them cope with the world.

This book is best enjoyed with some conversation about each page.  It helped Olivia when we talked through some examples of each type of difference.  I think she’ll remember some of the messages in the book because we spent time connecting those messages to her friends and life.

In addition to the important values taught, this book is fun and colorful – way to go!”

Some quotes from Olivia / discussion with Mommy about “It’s Okay to be Different” –

“Look at that baby with missing teeth!  It’s OK to have a lot of teeth missing.”

“That elephant has a very long trunk.”

“That’s a funny zebra with colors.”

[Mom]:  “Do you know what that is? (the wheelchair)”

“It helps you when you can’t walk.”

“What’s that? (the invisible friend)”

[Mom]:  “That’s an invisible friend.  It’s a pretend friend.”

“That’s a funny skunk that got mad.”

“Mommy, that’s a tall ice cream thing.”

“Both of them have a lot of nuts.”

[Mom]:  “Are people the same or different?”


[Mom]:  “Is that good or bad?”


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