“Isfjell Point (The Tales of Scuba Steve)” by Steven Kamlet

“Isfjell Point (The Tales of Scuba Steve)” by Steven Kamlet 640 1024 Reader Views Kids

Isfjell Point (The Tales of Scuba Steve)

Steven Kamlet
Fulton Books (2023)
ISBN: 979-8887316291
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (07/2023)

“Isfjell Point (The Tales of Scuba Steve)” by Steven Kamlet, is an exciting story finding Ben and his friends at camp again. But Oliver may be in trouble with Mr. Stu, and it could be a morning he did not see coming. Along with Oliver and Ben, Al, Ava, and Danielle are anxious to find out where Scuba Steve is going to lead them this time. In all of their excitement, they wind up in a location that is completely new and different from anything they’ve seen before. Or experienced, as the case may be.

When they come out of the water, they all become aware of the exact same thing: the freezing cold. But then they begin to experience one-of-a-kind things, which include making new animal friends and becoming personally aware of a worldwide issue. There is a lot to like in this book, from the curious kids to the information we learn about marine life. Along the way, you will read advice that may save your life or someone you know.

This lively, informative, and entertaining story is perfect for young readers who love adventure, especially water-related adventures, and exploration. Older readers will appreciate this story and these characters too and will get a real feel for how much fun camp can be. I love that the author has real life experience and expertise with his subject matter, and his enthusiasm for the plot and characters radiates from the pages. The touch of mystery is a strong addition as well. You will also get the sense that he cares deeply about global issues and the outdoors.

The author’s fans will delight in the fact that he has a Scuba Steve series going, so be ready to be immersed in these intriguing tales. Parents will like the life lessons in the book, so there is more to this story than meets the eye, and they can learn about how to protect the environment too. Readers who enjoy adventure and want to dive into a series with familiar, ongoing characters will fall in love with “Isfjell Point (The Tales of Scuba Steve)” by Steven Kamlet. 

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