Inside All by Margaret H. Mason

Inside All by Margaret H. Mason 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Inside All
Margaret H. Mason
Dawn Publications (2008)
ISBN 9781584691129
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (8/08)

“Inside All” is “A Sharing Nature With Children Book” from Dawn Publications.  The book starts with the universe and then works its way down each level through the galaxy, planet, etc., continuing on through the heart inside you.

“That is what the universe looks like?”

“What is a galaxy?”

“I know what a planet is!  That is like Earth that we live on!”

“I have a heart inside me too!”

“Look, that star is on every page!”

“The pictures in this book are different than other books.  They are all swirly and dotty.”

Parent’s comments:
The back cover of the book lists the recommend age group for “Inside All” as 3-8.  I would have to agree and maybe even up it a year to ages 4-8.  At age 2, Max had no interest in the book at all.  The illustrations were not eye-catching for him and the text was over his head.  At age 4, Cayden grasped some of the story that was being told but it was still a little too deep for him.  I like the message being conveyed “about how we each have a place in the All, and how the All lives in each of us” but I am not sure my children understood completely.  The story and illustrations are unique and for children in the older end of this age group the book would be wonderful!


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