In the Trees, Honey Bees
Lori Mortensen
Dawn Publications (2009)
ISBN 9781584691150
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 4.5) and Mom for Reader Views (5/09)


“In the Trees, Honey Bees” explains the workings of a honey bee colony in an interesting and informative way.

Cayden:  “I liked learning about all of the jobs that the different bees have.  My favorite ones are the guard bees that go after the intruders like the bear.  I also liked how they send that one bee out to find flowers and he comes back and tells the other bees where it is.  I learned a lot about bees in this book!”

Parent’s comments:
If you are looking for a book that teaches about honey bees then look no further than “In the Trees, Honey Bees” by Lori Mortensen.  Not only did my child learn a huge amount of information, so did I!  Everything is presented in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner with the illustrations accurately reflecting each point being made.  We highly recommend this wonderful, educational story!

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