In Madera Canyon by Jane E. Holt

In Madera Canyon by Jane E. Holt 150 150 Reader Views Kids

In Madera Canyon
Jane E. Holt
Wheatmark (2009)
ISBN 9781604940022
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6.5) and Madeline (age 8) McElroy 8 for Reader Views (9/09)


Sophia: I like this story about a canyon. I read all about lizards, hummingbirds, bears and cougars. I never heard of a kestrel bird or a tanager bird. They are very colorful birds.

I like the beautiful front cover with the hummingbird. My favorite parts of this book are the pictures. The best picture is the tanager bird.

Madeline: This book is about many different animals in MaderaCanyon. I like how the author repeated the lines and added new lines on every page adding to the story. This is a very interesting book. I learned new birds such as: trogons, tanagers and kestrels. The best part of the story is when the hawk gently rides the breeze.

I love how the illustrator created the pictures with his scratchboard with watercolor technique in “In Madera Canyon” by Jane E. Holt. My very favorite illustration is the black bear hugging the tree because it’s very cute.

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