In Grandpa’s Hands: A Child’s Celebration of Family
Marlena E. Uhrik, EdD
White Stag Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979258350
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 20 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (5/08)

“In Grandpa’s Hands: A Child’s Celebration of Family” is a simple book that focuses on various items that “Grandpa’s Hands” are holding.  The author writes that the book “is designed to promote discussion of the importance of the elderly and their role in our lives and our society.  It is meant to honor the simple things in life that remind us of our gratitude for the people who bring us joy and happiness.”

Cayden:  “Why don’t the pictures have any colors?”

Cayden:  “What is in the cup he is holding?  Is it milk?”

Max:  “Milk!”

Cayden:  “What is a diary?”

Cayden:  “What is a trowel?”

Cayden:  “How come it says he is holding only a flower when he is holding a lot of flowers? “

Cayden:  “Flowers have to be in water so they grow.”

Max:  “Flowers grow!”

Cayden:  “How did he get that starfish?  They live under the sea!”

Parent’s comments:
When I first saw “In Grandpa’s Hands” it looked to me like a book that would be displayed on a coffee table.  The simple pencil illustrations are wonderful although I think I liked them more than my children did.  They did not appreciate the fact that they were so simple with no color to them.

Cayden also couldn’t get over the fact that it said “In Grandpa’s hands there is … a flower” when in fact he is actually holding a whole bouquet of flowers in a vase.  Other than that my children enjoyed naming the different items that were showcased in “Grandpa’s Hands” and talking about both of their grandpas.

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