Carole P. Roman
Create Space (2016)
ISBN 9781537045108
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (Age 9) for reader Views (02/17)

“If You Were Me And Lived in…Poland” by Carole P. Roman was a lot of fun to read. I learned that one of my favorite things to eat, Pierogi, is from Poland! I also learned that Poland is in Central Europe, they were the second in the world to have a Constitution, and the classical music composer Chopin was from Poland, too. They had a working salt mine that when it closed it turned into a place for tourists to visit. My Mom and I were surprised to see that some words in Polish are very similar to some Spanish words, like ‘cebula’ with the Spanish ‘cebolla’ (they both mean onion). I also loved learning about their legend, and their ‘Children Day’ celebration! The pictures were colorful and they helped me read about Poland, too. I can’t wait to see if Ms. Roman will someday write a book about my Mom’s country, Venezuela!

I recommend, “If You Were Me And Lived in…Poland” by Carole P. Roman to all kids and schools to learn about Poland, and give it five big stars!

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