If Jesus Came to My House (Harper Blessings) by Joan G. Thomas

If Jesus Came to My House (Harper Blessings) by Joan G. Thomas 150 150 Reader Views Kids

If Jesus Came to My House (Harper Blessings)
Joan G. Thomas
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780060839420
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (9/08)

In “If Jesus Came to My House,” a young boy imagines Jesus coming to his house in the form of a young boy that is about the same age.  The boy shares with him the best of everything that he has and treats him kindly and graciously.  In the last part of the book, the boy says that he knows that Jesus will never come to his house in the way that he imagined, but he knows that he can go to church and pray and talk with him there.  He can also treat others in the manner that he imagined treating Jesus.

Max:  “Is that Jesus?”

Cayden:  “The boy is pretending that Jesus is that other boy.  He is thinking what he would do if Jesus came to his house.  I don’t think it is really Jesus though, Max.  He is pretending.”

Cayden:  “He is being very nice to him by giving him his things.”

Cayden:  “He drinks tea?  I don’t think kids drink tea.”

Max:  “Me tea!”

Cayden:  “No Max, we are too little to have tea.”

Cayden:  “That is a cool hiding spot in the wall!”

Max:  “Good hide spot!”

Cayden:  “That boy is real nice to share all of his things!  I share sometimes too.”

Cayden:  “It is good to be nice to other people like the boy is in the book.  He gave that lady flowers and shared his toys.”

Parent’s comments:
“If Jesus Came to My House” by Joan G. Thomas is a wonderful, wholesome book that teaches some important life lessons.  The story was very interesting to my children and they could relate a lot to what the boy was doing, except for the tea drinking part.  The illustrations were simple, yet complemented the story well.   I really loved the messages conveyed and think that this book would make a wonderful Christening gift for any child.

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