I Like Birthdays (An Interactive Book About Me!) By K. A. Bye

I Like Birthdays (An Interactive Book About Me!) By K. A. Bye 150 150 Reader Views Kids

I Like Birthdays (An Interactive Book About Me!)
K. A. Bye
Boys Town Press (2008)
ISBN 9781934490020
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (age 6) for Reader Views (05/10)

Grayce: “You could put your birthday pictures in it. It was all about my birthday. With no other book do you get to put pictures in it and make it your own. My favorite part was gluing my own pictures and drawing some pictures too. I loved doing the book with my mom. It helped me remember some of the best parts of my birthday. I love the picture of the cupcakes. We will always keep this book as I get older. I liked the drawing rather than writing words.”

Parent’s comments: “I Like Birthdays” book is perfect for my six-year-old. We used it to tell the story of her fifth birthday, recalling all that we did for the big event mostly through photographs. Grayce also enjoyed drawing pictures for the pages we did not have a representative photo. She was able to write in simple sentences like, “To celebrate my birthday…we hit a piñata.” I liked this book because it was interactive with teachable moments and we were able to craft it together. I plan on getting the “Visiting My Grandmother” book as well.


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