I Can Read! 2: Superman- I am Superman By Michael Teitelbaum

I Can Read! 2: Superman- I am Superman By Michael Teitelbaum 150 150 Reader Views Kids

I Can Read! 2: Superman- I am Superman
Michael Teitelbaum
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780061878572
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (01/10)

“Superman – I Am Superman” is a Level 2 “I Can Read!” book. In this story Superman takes Lois Lane to his Fortress of Solitude to tell her about his life. While they are there Superman’s enemy Lex Luthor threatens Metropolis. Will Superman be able to get back in time to save the city?

Cayden: “I liked this book. I didn’t know how Superman got to be Superman before we read this book. It was cool how even when he was little he could lift trucks! My favorite part was when he got Lex Luthor with his heat vision. I also liked that the girl didn’t know that the newspaper guy is really Superman.”

Parent’s comments:

The goal of “I Can Read!,” Level 2 books, is to provide “high-interest stories for developing readers.” “Superman – I Am Superman” by Michael Teitelbaum was definitely an interesting story that held my son’s rapt attention. There were many words that he was able to read in the book and as he continues to practice he picks up more and more each time. I liked the guide in the front of the book with each character’s picture, name, and a brief description about them. As the mother of two young boys I need to brush up on my Super Heroes and found this section to be very helpful. We enjoyed “Superman – I Am Superman” and look forward to reading more Super Hero “I Can Read!” books in the future!


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