“I am the Tree” by Kelly Bauer

“I am the Tree” by Kelly Bauer 973 1024 Reader Views Kids

I am the Tree

Kelly Bauer
Seize the Moon (2023)
ISBN: 979-8988210603
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (08/2023)

This story takes us on an adventure with a young girl who thinks she’s too ordinary in “I am the Tree” by author Kelly Bauer. She wants to dance, create, and experience freedom, and love, but because she feels so ordinary, she thinks she isn’t worthy to go on a special adventure. One day, the world around her seems to change. People are arguing about things she doesn’t understand, and it scares her. So, she runs away until she can’t run any further. She reaches a mountaintop and she is amazed by the beauty of nature surrounding her. She hears the wind, the birds, and all the sounds of nature surrounding her where she is standing. She finally doesn’t feel scared anymore.

My very first impression of this book was how nature-driven the story was. I loved going on the young girl’s adventure in which she ran so far away that she came to a place surrounded by beautiful nature and everything it had to offer her. Even though there wasn’t an age mentioned of the female character, I took her to be around ten years old or so and I thought it was wonderful that at such a young age, she was allowing herself to take in what nature was offering her at that moment. She was aware of the raindrops falling on her skin, the sounds of the birds chirping nearby, a tree moving in the breeze, and even the hum of a bumble bee right near her. She stopped long enough to hear the nature around her and it helped her enjoy the special adventure she was on.

Another thing that stuck out to me while I read along was the beautiful illustrations scattered throughout the book. They were so vibrant and immediately drew me further into the story as I turned the pages. It sort of reminded me of a beautiful series of watercolor paintings telling their story as I got deeper into the book. Ms. Stella Maris, the illustrator of this children’s book, did a remarkable job with each illustration used to accompany the text the author chose to tell this young girl’s story. I was mesmerized by the illustrations as much as I was reading the actual story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this children’s book and feel that although no specific age group was mentioned as to what ages would really enjoy this book, it’s geared especially to younger children. “I am the Tree” by author Kelly Bauer was definitely a winner for me and I think varying ages could take something away from this nature-driven story. I am an adult and thoroughly enjoyed this children’s book. If you’re looking to teach children about the nature surrounding them, this book is definitely one to look into. I highly recommend it!   

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