“I Am the Rain” by John Paterson

“I Am the Rain” by John Paterson 500 400 Reader Views Kids


John Paterson
Dawn Publications (2018)
ISBN 9781584696162
Reviewed by Sasha Stone (age 3) and Mom (8/18)

“I Am the Rain” by John Paterson has beautiful pictures and is a fun way of seeing the water cycle in action. My favorite page was the one that said, “I can show you rainbows,” because I love seeing rainbows. I like that a lot of the pages have small pictures of people included in the nature scenes. The book also includes tips for saving water and some water facts, so I can learn more after the story is over. I could imagine how dirty the mud was, and how pretty the blue rocks were. I think my friends would like this book, especially my friend Gigi.

A Note from Mom:

“I Am the Rain” is a nice calm read. It is beautifully illustrated and very imaginative in the way it portrays water. My daughter was not initially interested in the book but ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I’m not sure she understood what the author meant to do with making water into different things, but she really enjoyed the pictures of nature. I really enjoyed reading it to her as well. The length of the sentences was just right for a toddler.

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