I Am the Dog By Daniel Pinkwater

I Am the Dog By Daniel Pinkwater 150 150 Reader Views Kids

I Am the Dog
Daniel Pinkwater
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780060555054
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (07/10)

Jacob is a boy. Max is his dog. What would happen if they decided to switch places for the day? When you read this book you will find out exactly what happens when Jacob and Max switch places! Jacob experiences many different things by being a dog. Max gets special treatment and lives as Jacob! In the end boy and dog must switch back. The question is “Which one is more fun, boy or dog?”

Madison: “Jacob and his pet dog Max change places. I want to change places too! Max ate lots of toothpaste. Jacob ate a bone (eew). He had his breakfast on the floor. Today I’m going to be the dog too. He ran into the yard and into his mom’s plants. She said ‘Stay out of my garden!’ Mom brings Max to school. Jacob’s friends wanted to feed him stuff. They went to the park and played catch. He met other dogs, chased a squirrel and the lady gave him a cookie. The park had lots of hiding places behind trees and skunks to sniff. Max threw the ball again, again and again. Max played video games because the dog ate his homework. Dad brought home kibble. Jacob ate lots of kibble. He loves kibble. He ate from the dog bowl; he is not a dog though. He is a little boy. The next day Jacob was a boy and Max was a dog. They thought a dog was better. I think a boy is better!”

Mom: This book is simply wonderful. Both of my daughters loved it and we have read it often! Madison loves every bit of the story and comments throughout. My two-year-old points to all the pictures and inquires about them and what is happening and who is who. The book is colorful and vivid. It is very imaginative and silly. It is a wonderful just-for-fun book that helps spark the imagination and curiosity. I would suggest this book to children of all ages, specifically ranging from 3- 8. I would easily recommend this book to fellow parents and friends. It is a great giving item for any child in your life. It is not only fun for the children, but also fun for the parents. We all enjoyed “I Am the Dog” immensely.


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