I Am Rosa Parks (Easy-to-Read) by Rosa Parks

I Am Rosa Parks (Easy-to-Read) by Rosa Parks 150 150 Reader Views Kids

I Am Rosa Parks (Easy-to-Read)
Rosa Parks
Puffin (1999)
ISBN 9780141307107
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (8/08)

I was surprised that I liked this book; I didn’t even want to read it. I guess I thought it would be boring. My Mom told me we had studied this during Black History Month last year in first grade, but I didn’t remember.

This book was a story about Rosa Parks, who some say started the civil rights movement because she would not give up her seat on the bus. I learned about black history and segregation. Rosa Parks probably thought it was really unfair how she and all the other black people were treated. If I was her I would feel mad!

I’m happy I read “I Am Rosa Parks.”. I think it is a really good book for kids my age. It was a little hard to read with all of the big new words I learned. But it told me a lot about Rosa’s life in the South when things weren’t so good for black people.

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