Hungry: A Novel by Alethea Eason

Hungry: A Novel by Alethea Eason 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Hungry: A Novel
Alethea Eason
HarperCollins Publishers (2007)
ISBN 9780060825546
Reviewed by Emily Robbins (age 13) for Reader Views (1/08)

Deborah has a normal life here on earth. Well, that’s what everyone thinks. She’s really an alien from some faraway planet in a human disguise. She even has an alien name, Dbkrrrsh! But, when her parents want her to eat her best friend, Willy, will she prove her loyalty to the Home Planet?

“Hungry” by Alethea Eason was a fantastic book that kept me on my toes! It was a pretty easy read, but was written very well and descriptive so I could picture what Deborah’s alien self looked like. Unlike most books, I actually didn’t know what exactly was going to happen at the end! But, I disliked how there were very few challenging words. They were mainly pretty simple words, and I think the author could have used a few bigger words to add flair to the book.

My favorite character would have to be Deborah’s grandmother. She was such a mean character; I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know so badly what mean thing she was going to do next. There was no end to her cruelty! You could probably make a whole book about her. She was enthralling to read about. My least favorite character would have to be Alicia. She was mean, like the grandmother, but Alicia had a snotty air about her that I just didn’t like. She was always changing her mind about Willy. One minute she’s be nice, and the next moment she’d be cruel and snobby beyond belief! She was a well-written character, and was perfect for the book, but I just didn’t like her personality.

I would recommend this magnificent book to anyone and everyone, no matter what kind of book you like. The descriptive, colorful sentences made up for not using a large variety of words. “Hungry: A Novel” has everything, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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