How to (Un)Cage a Girl (Joanna Cotler Books) by Francesca Lia Block

How to (Un)Cage a Girl (Joanna Cotler Books) by Francesca Lia Block 150 150 Reader Views Kids

How to (Un)Cage a Girl (Joanna Cotler Books)
Francesca Lia Block
HarperTeen (2008)
ISBN 9780061358364
Reviewed by Taylor Kokemuller (age 14) for Reader Views (2/09)


This is a three-part poetry collection from the author of “The Wezzie Bat” books.  The first part called “Years from the Asylum” is poetry for when you are growing up.  The second part called “In the Lair of the Toxic Blonde” is mostly about college years and the last part called “Love Poems for Girls” is when a woman is older and ends with her wish for her daughter.

I do like to read some poetry and have read poetry in school.  My favorite poems were one called ‘popular girl’ which is about asking questions to a popular girl and realizing she is just like you; I also liked one called ‘like pretty’ which was about how she wants to feel pretty about herself.  Francesca Lia Block is a good writer and I think girls would really like “How to (Un)Cage a Girl,” even if they don’t like poetry because it doesn’t feel like you are reading poetry.

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