How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup the Hero
Catherine Hapka
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061567384
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5 ½) and Mom for Reader Views (02/10)

“How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup the Hero,” an “I Can Read!” Level 2 book, focuses on Hiccup, a boy who didn’t fit in with the rest of the Vikings on Berk. As the other teenagers were going through dragon training, Hiccup ends up capturing and befriending a dragon of his own.

Cayden: “This book had a lot of same parts as the ‘Meet the Dragon’ book that we just read. Hiccup caught the dragon and was friends with him in the other book too. This one was a little bit different though at the end of it when Hiccup saved the day! My favorite parts were when they got the really bad, mean dragon and also when they were all riding on the dragons in the sky. I could read most of this one, especially since I learned a lot of the words already in the other dragon book.”

Parent’s comments:

“How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup the Hero” is another interesting book based on the upcoming movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” However, there were a few pages that were extremely similar to the first book “Meet the Dragons.” The section where Hiccup captures the dragon and fixes his tail, befriends him, etc. was told twice, once in each book. Despite the repetition my son still enjoyed the book and is excited to go and see the movie!



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