How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe By Devan Aptekar

How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe By Devan Aptekar 150 150 Reader Views Kids

How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe
Devan Aptekar
HarperFestival (2010)
ISBN 9780061567353
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5 ½) and Mom for Reader Views (02/10)

“How to Train Your Dragon: Befriending a Foe” is about a boy named Hiccup who finds a wounded dragon in the woods and ends up befriending him and helping him to recover. The book is based on the upcoming movie “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Cayden: “Again? We just read about Hiccup finding the dragon and helping him and being his friend in the other books! This one has a little more about it but why is it the same story over and over? I like the story but it is weird that the books all are kind of the same. In this one I liked the part that when Hiccup fed the dragon the fish that looked like a snake and the dragons teeth popped out of his gums to eat it. I also liked when Hiccup rode on the dragon in the sky.”

Parent’s comments:

This is the third “How to Train Your Dragon” book that we have read and they are all remarkably similar. They basically are all telling the story of Hiccup finding a dragon, becoming friends with it, and helping it by making it a mechanical tail so it can fly again. The degrees of detail in each story do differ a little though. I would recommend closely reading the descriptions of the books before buying and choosing one out of those that sound similar, otherwise you are essentially buying multiple copies of the same story each told in a slightly different way.


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