How Cleaning My Room Changed My Life by Huma Gruaz

How Cleaning My Room Changed My Life by Huma Gruaz 150 150 Reader Views Kids

How Cleaning My Room Changed My Life
Huma Gruaz
Alpaytac Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780981788500
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (9/08)

“How Cleaning My Room Changed My Life” is a fun book about a boy named Sam who was very, very, very messy.  His toys were broken, there were pieces of dried up and moldy pizza on his floor and clothes everywhere. It was NOT a pretty picture!  He was always late for baseball practice and he never got to play because he couldn’t find his mitt in the mess he made in his room.  He also had to stay after school to finish his homework because that is one more thing he kept losing.

Sam had a best friend Aliana who was moving away. In order for him not to miss her, she gave him her grandmother’s magical ring.  It had power to make things better and Sam was to use it and give it back when things were better for him.  He promised to take good care of it.

But, Sam lost the ring, too, in his mess.  He searched everywhere he could but could not find it.  He avoided his friend because he didn’t want to tell her the truth.  One day in his room a voice came from nowhere and it was a vacuum cleaner named Victor. Victor started plowing through the mess but Sam yelled for him to stop so he didn’t eat the ring.  Sam made a wish on the full moon that night that he could find the ring and a fairy appeared to help him.  She was named Sweeperella.  She gave Sam his own sweeper to use in cleaning his room.  She also told him about a place named Cleanland where everything was clean land and the kids were happy and never lost anything. 

Sam was willing to try anything so he could find the ring.  He was happy because this sweeper was not like Victor; he was a good vacuum who wanted to help and not eat everything up.  The sweeper taught Sam how to clean his room.  He found the ring and gave it back to Aliana before she moved.  He kept his room clean and was never late or lost anything ever again.

I liked this book a lot.  Sam was a lot like me except that I don’t lose things that often.  I’m sure that reading “How Cleaning My Room Changed My Life” byHuma Gruaz will help kids learn why it is important to pick up there rooms. There are even pages after the story that help tell you how to clean, fold, and what to do with your clutter. But no matter how much my mom hopes this book would help, I still don’t plan to clean my room! 

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