House of Dance (Laura Geringer Books) By Beth Kephart

House of Dance (Laura Geringer Books) By Beth Kephart 150 150 Reader Views Kids

House of Dance (Laura Geringer Books)
Beth Kephart
HarperTeen (2010)
ISBN 9780061429309
Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 17) for Reader Views (06/10)

When I received “House of Dance,” I was quite excited about reading it. The summaries that I had read online along with the reviews that I read made it seem as though this book would be an amazing read that was both interesting and adorable in a way that made it tug on your heartstrings. Although I agree that it was adorable and tugged on my heartstrings, I feel as though it wasn’t as interesting as I expected. It was rather slow in certain parts and every once in a while, I had to regroup and re-remind myself that reading this book was a good idea.

This book is about Rosie and her relationships with her family. Rosie’s grandfather is dying, and her mom doesn’t care enough to stay with him while he is dying. In fact, she leaves Rosie there as a replacement! One day, Rosie decides to look through her grandfather’s stuff and then realizes what an amazing life he led. She learns about all of the music he loves and all of the people he once knew, and all of the amazing things that he did in his life. One day, when Rosie is walking back home, she sees the House of Dance. It intrigues her, and after a little while, she gains enough courage to go in and start taking ballroom dancing classes with her mother’s shoes in hand. During this time, Rosie’s grandfather’s health is steadily deteriorating and because of his worsening condition, Rosie decides to throw him a party with the help of her new friends from the House of Dance.

I thought that this book was really cute! I loved how you saw Rosie change throughout the book, becoming a better person in the end. Like I said earlier, there are some places where the book gets really slow, but overall “House of Dance” is a very good read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to real a nice, heartwarming story about a fifteen-year-old girl.


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