Hoo Hoo Who?

Mary Maier and Lauren Horton
Building Block Press (2018)
ISBN 9781944201142
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 5) for Readers Views Kids (5/19)

“Hoo Hoo Who?” by Mary Maier and Lauren Horton is about a mouse’s birthday party.

There is an owl who has broken glasses who thought I was mouse. The guest list says that the animals invited are me, duck, snake, sheep, and mouse. I got to guess who each guest was after they made a sound and owl gave me some hints.

I liked seeing all of the animals except for the snake, because I don’t like snakes. At the end of the story owl got some new glasses, and then mouse came to his party and I sang happy birthday to him. I liked the story because I like birthday parties and I liked seeing all of the pictures. I think anyone would like reading this book. 

A Note from Mom: “Hoo Hoo Who?” by Mary Maier and Lauren Horton is an entertaining book to get your kids thinking about what animal might be coming next, based on their sound and appearance. The illustrations are different than normal children’s books, but they are fun and unique. This is a great book that promotes inclusivity among the guests that are all different and is a fun read for my kids.

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