Homework Helpster Grade 3 (Spiral-bound) by Collaboration of Teaching Specialists

Homework Helpster Grade 3 (Spiral-bound) by Collaboration of Teaching Specialists 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Homework Helpster Grade 3 (Spiral-bound)
Collaboration of Teaching Specialists
Play Bac Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781602140004
Reviewed by Gabriel Peralta (age 9) for Reader Views (3/08)

I liked this book because it helped me understand my math homework.  It reminded me what a polygon was, and helped me remember the meaning of different math terms like dividend, and fact family.  I like it because it is easy-to-use.  It stands up on the table so you do not have to try and keep it open.  The book helps kids with math, social science, science, and language arts.  Even when I did not understand the explanation, it made it easier for my mom to explain it to me.  The book has pictures that show you what they are talking about, so it makes learning easier.  I recommend this book to any third grader, even if they aren’t having problem understanding their homework.

Parent’s Note:
“Homework Helpster Grade 3” is a wonderful book.  It is easy-to-use and covers the major topics where most kids may have difficulty.  The spiral binding and stand-up format makes the book easy to handle, because it rests easily on any tabletop.  As a parent, I liked the illustrations that made explaining a concept easier.

In addition to helping Gabriel with homework, I used it to play games. I have them pick a section- math, science, etc, and then ask questions about that topic.  The team with the most correct answers wins. They enjoyed the competition, and were elated every time they answered correctly.

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