Hobo Finds a Home by Hobo, Illustrated by Susan Ferretti Gage

Hobo Finds a Home by Hobo, Illustrated by Susan Ferretti Gage 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Hobo Finds a Home
Hobo, Illustrated by Susan Ferretti Gage
Booklocker.com, Inc. (2007)
ISBN 9781601452641
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5), Max (age 19 months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (3/08)

“Hobo Finds a Home” is the story of a cat named Hobo who is not happy with his current living situation on a farm.  He decides to leave the farm in search of a better life and as the title implies he finds a new home.

The author of the book is listed as “Hobo” and when I told my children that Hobo the cat wrote the story, Cayden looked at me in disbelief and told me that cats can’t write books.  I showed him the picture of Hobo on the back cover and told him that this book was Hobo’s story. 

The book is written and illustrated in a very child-like way which completely drew my children into the story. 

Max:  Pointing at the illustrations:  “Color, crayon!”

Cayden:  “They forgot to color in the silo!”

Mom:  “Sometimes silos can be white.”

In the beginning of the book after Hobo left the farm Cayden was very concerned about him being cold and hungry. 

Cayden:  “He has to go back to the farm!  There is nothing to eat and he is getting cold!  He has to go back!  He can’t use a rock as a pillow!  That would be hard.”

After being on his own for awhile Hobo found a man to follow home.  The man fed him some tuna outside but a cat named Gonzo chased Hobo away.

Cayden:  “The fat cat is eating his food and Hobo was eating it first!  He will get hungry!”

But then after the man brought Hobo into his house Cayden was concerned about Gonzo’s well being.

Cayden:  “Did that one find a new home too?  Are there other cats like Hobo outside that need homes?”

Parent’s comments: 
The format of “Hobo Finds a Home” was refreshingly unique.  The crayon-colored illustrations and handwritten words definitely appealed to my children.  The storyline is wonderful and very easy for a young child to follow and enjoy.  We hope that Hobo the cat writes more books in the future!

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