He’s Your Daddy! Ducklings, Joeys, Kits, and More
Charline Profiri
Dawn Publications (2018)
ISBN 9781584696254
Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Readers Views Kids (5/19)

“He’s Your Daddy! Ducklings, Joeys, Kits, and More” by Charline Profiri is about lots of different animals and how they are called something different than their daddy’s. I recognized some of the baby animals being called the same thing as another type of baby animal, like the baby giraffe is called a calf, the same as a baby cow, and a hatchling is a baby bird and a baby dinosaur.

I liked the pictures- I really like animals, so I had fun looking at them all. I have had other animal parent/child books read to me, but this one includes other animals than the ones in them. I have a cat at my house, so I liked the page about the kitten and cat, and I have a friend who has a golden-doodle puppy, so I liked that page too with the puppy and dog. I think kids of all ages will like this book and learn something.

Parent’s Note

I liked the fact that there are extra learning resources at the back of this book; there is a matching game, and extra facts about each animal in the book in different forms. There are small paragraphs about each animal, then there is an extra chart that shows the other type of “daddy” the animal could be with a baby of the same name (i.e. fry: any other type of fish will have their babies by this name). Then there are tips for how to incorporate science and math into the child’s learning about the specific animals in the book. Lydia isn’t quite old enough to grasp all that information yet, but “He’s Your Daddy! Ducklings, Joeys, Kits, and More” by Charline Profiri will be a good resource as she grows.   

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