“Hermit Crabs Need Love, Too” by Lynn McCreadie

“Hermit Crabs Need Love, Too” by Lynn McCreadie 720 1024 Reader Views Kids

Hermit Crabs Need Love, Too   

Lynn McCreadie
Mac & Millie Publishing, LLC
ISBN:  979-8989908301
Reviewed by Shawna Thompson for Reader Views (04/2024)

It’s not always easy being the new kid in town, as Birdie and Zee Winters can attest. They recently moved to a new place due to their mother’s job, and they are struggling to adjust to their surroundings and make new friends. Birdie found solace in her drama class, where she met Evan Wakefield, a boy for whom she developed feelings. However, the year proved quite challenging, with setbacks in her relationship and personal life. Meanwhile, Zee, a strong and determined girl, found her passion in soccer, but her skills created tension between the team and the popular girls. She also has a devoted boyfriend named Dae, but this doesn’t stop her from clashing with Christian Beckett, a bad boy who hides a heart of gold, and Josh, an unnoticed admirer of Birdie.

In Lynn McCreadie’s book, “Hermit Crabs Need Love Too,” you’ll find a story of trust, betrayal, friendship, and love that will captivate you. McCreadie masterfully crafted characters like Birdie and Zee, who reflect the challenges and emotions many teenagers and young adults face. With their complex personalities, Evan Wakefield and Christian Beckett will keep you on your toes, oscillating between love and hate on the same page.

The central theme of this book revolves around high school and the everyday struggles of young people. Zee faced jealousy and bullying from her teammates when she made the soccer team. Birdie experienced heartbreak when her boyfriend cheated on her, and she had to face her school after it happened. Josh had to cope with losing his grandfather, whom he admired greatly. Evan struggled with his father, who wanted him to attend Harvard while he dreamed of becoming an artist. All these characters faced various pressures in their lives, and this book shows how they dealt with them.

“Hermit Crabs Need Love Too” is a compelling read for teens and young adults. It explores the complexities of relationships, with themes of loyalty, betrayal, and friendship. The love story is not just a backdrop but a compelling and heartfelt journey that will make you root for the underdog.

I loved this book and found this quote particularly moving:

“My chest cracked open when I saw tears in her eyes; lashes and blood on her toes.”

Zee and Christian will steal your heart and leave you wanting more after you turn the last page. It’s an enemies-to-lovers romance story of a bad boy with a good heart. I highly recommend Lynn McCreadie’s “Hermit Crabs Need Love Too” to anyone looking for a heartwarming and inspiring book to read.

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