“Harry the Scary Pumpkin” by Joe Spartz

“Harry the Scary Pumpkin” by Joe Spartz 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Joe Spartz
Beaver’s Pond Press (2017)
ISBN 9781592988112
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (2/18)

“Harry the Scary Pumpkin” by Joe Spartz is about Harry, a little pumpkin, whose dream is to become a scary jack o’lantern. As Harry grew, he turned a wonderful shade of orange. The farmer’s truck then shows up and he gets picked and put out for sale, but no one picks him. This makes Harry sad. And then a pie factory truck shows up, but thankfully a little girl picks him and takes him home. She turns him into a scary pumpkin and then they go to school and he’s in a jack-o-lantern contest. And he wins!

This story was good. I liked that Harry wins the jack o’lantern contest because I also like to win things like Starbursts and money. I did not like that the teacher couldn’t make all the pumpkins win first place. I also did not like Tubby, because he was mean to Harry.

I loved the art because it was amazing and it was unique. I also liked Harry’s orange color because it was the best shade of color I’ve ever seen.

I recommend “Harry the Scary Pumpkin” by Joe Spartz to other kids because they will like the story and the art.

Parent’s Note

Russ enjoyed reading this book and seemed to relate to the pumpkin because there are times he doesn’t get picked, but really wants to be picked. He was glad Harry won because he also likes to win. The book is a very easy read, though there are multiple sentences on a page, so it might take a new reader a little while to get through it. It is an enjoyable, quick read for new readers.

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