“Hale: The Prophet’s Journal” by JK Noble

“Hale: The Prophet’s Journal” by JK Noble 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

Hale: The Prophet’s Journal

JK Noble
Morgan James Fiction (2023)
ISBN: 978-1636981529
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (07/2023)

“Hale: The Prophet’s Journal” by JK Noble is the smashing follow-up to the author’s first well-reviewed YA fantasy novel, “Hale: The Rise of the Griffins.” In this sequel, we find Hale on a search for redemption, accompanied by Evan and River. They encounter the dangerous Extraordinary Division, and Hale now knows he is powerful and magical. He discovered things about himself that were once secret, like the real connection he has to the King of the Griffins, Bayo, who is also his mentor. Hale has talents beyond the natural, and carries them with him to his new calling, following the Elder Prophet’s journal. He would like to know if he will be the fulfillment of the dark prophecy, but it’s also a matter of survival. Could he really be the foretold world annihilator?

If you have been waiting for more Hale and company, you will be richly rewarded with this sequel. Here you’ll find some of the same characters caught up in even more intriguing circumstances. The plot just thickens as it goes along, unfolding in the same lyrical style, introducing us to more magic, spirit guides, prophets, and deadly creatures. I

n the first book, Hale was sorely tested. Now, he is propelled by secrets and his search for salvation. The map provided at the front of the book is a big help and thoughtful addition. One of my favorite things about the beginning of the story is the first-person prologue by the character Felix, for the way his thoughts set the stage. You will also find adventure and romance here, and the same attention to high-caliber worldbuilding, character development, and plot execution that you have come to expect with this author.

Noble doesn’t disappoint, but that’s an understatement. Some sequels don’t seem to measure up to the original, but that can’t be said for this one. Besides the great story, you will find personal themes here you can relate to, like responsibility and sacrifice, and broader, more universal themes like redemption and forgiveness. Survival is a key theme played out through the characters, their situations, and choices. You will definitely find yourself wondering what you would do in the characters’ shoes. Subjects such as self-harm and tumultuous family relations are also here in the story, with an ending that is haunting. If you love YA fantasy with heroic, human characters, and mythical creatures, you will fall in love with “Hale: The Prophet’s Journal” by JK Noble.

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