“Guinea Pig Power” by Ben St. James

“Guinea Pig Power” by Ben St. James 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

Guinea Pig Power

Ben St. James
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN:  978-1304829580
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/2024)

I loved “Guinea Pig Power” by Ben St. James! I wish there was also a printed version! Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system… I will tell you more about the book. The adventure begins when two adorable pet guinea pigs living the life in their forever home get fed ‘Guinea Pig Power Chow’ one day, and they get transformed. They go from little guinea pigs by day to big and famous superheroes by night!

 When I first saw the cover, it felt like I was going to read a superhero comic, and I was not wrong except this one rhymed! St. James created a unique early–young reader picture book that will certainly also captivate the parents. The story has all the makings of any ‘Marvel’ ordinary person by day and superhero by night movie. Except this time the heroes are guinea pigs in disguise keeping the urban animals’ society safe as well as people! 

The illustrations, also by Ben St. James are colorful, fun, and adorable. But they are also great for young readers, which allows this book to cross the age borderline as a fun and simple young reader rhyming picture book, in my opinion. I know my now-grown daughters would’ve loved this book especially when we had their two hamsters around!

Ben St. James is very talented.  His illustrations are appropriate for the story and readers, while also being innovative for the early reader rhyming book category.  I hope he considers not only publishing a printed edition but also extending this awesome book to a series of rhyming animal superheroes and their adventures for early readers. I don’t if that would be possible or marketable, but I did like it so much that I think it’s worth the trouble to research the possibility.

In all I give this well-thought-out, well-written, and illustrated book five stars, and am positive that it will be enjoyed by early and young readers as well as their parents. I loved “Guinea Pig Power” by Ben St. James, a unique, fun, and rhyming early reader ‘Marvel’-style superhero comic book!

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