“Greystone” by B L Ryan

“Greystone” by B L Ryan 683 1024 Reader Views Kids


B L Ryan
Tellwell Talent (2023)
ISBN: 978-0228846796
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (02/2024)

Margaret Gracen, whom everyone called Mouse, had gone to live with her uncle, Robert, and her aunt, Livy after her mother died. She had little memory of her father, who left when she was only four. One day, her uncle stumbles upon a white pendant in the attic, which belonged to Mouse’s father, and gives it to her, who in turn hangs it on her bedroom window. To her shock, hanging the pendant in this way creates an iron gate with a garden and a red gravel path. When a friendly dragon appears from the gateway and begins communicating with her, Mouse discovers she has an uncanny ability to communicate with dragons.

The doorway paves the way into an unlikely path that Mouse had not envisioned as the two enter a new land and meet Lady Jane, a seer of the prince ruler, Jared. It turns out that a prophecy had been foretold by the seers of a faraway traveler that would lead the Norlandan people to fight off their enemies. The Etu guardians had allowed Mouse to come through the gate to fulfill her mandate. However, her quest would be marred with danger and challenges as forces who are opposed to her quest and have gotten wind of her arrival, seek to destroy her before she can fulfill her assignment. Will Mouse and her dragon friend, Zeeta succeed?

Great characterization and vivid world-building mark Ryan’s captivating ode. Her descriptions and skillful use of dialogue immerse the reader into a world steeped with power struggles, unlikely alliances, and highly volatile situations. What will really grip a reader’s attention is the -young protagonist’s determination to fulfill her assignment. Her dedication to finding her father is admirable as well, and the various chapters that take up the first-person narrative provide a lens into the young girl’s mind and the reasons for her actions and decisions.

The richly conceptualized systems of magic and fantastical elements present in this big-hearted gem of a novel are admirably crafted and piqued my interest in this genre. Its five-hundred-plus pages should not keep you off reading it, as every chapter has plentiful surprises that you will not see coming. B L Ryan’s superior storytelling will no doubt enthrall fantasy enthusiasts worldwide. Her book, “Greystone” is a worthy addition to its genre.

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