Mardo Williams
Calliope Press (2000)
ISBN 9780996501309
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (02/16)

“Great-Grandpa Fussy and the Little Puckerdoodles” by Mardo Williams is a book of 21 storiesof lovely family experiences with his sweet grandchildren. Each and every one of the stories that he presents to the readers are unique in his day-by-day relationships with his Puckerdoodles: Teenie, Weenie, Waddles, and Toodlebug. Each story contains creativity, entertainment, and fun, especially for kids. His stories are everyday stories that many families have experienced, making them even more special and magical for anyone who reads them.

I can say that Mr. Williams shares in this book that special touch and love between grandchildren and grandparents; the bonding that only love and dedication can create. The book was written not only for kids, but also for the entire family. It provides a great excuse for everyone to sit down and enjoy all the common journeys from the Puckerdoodles, and have a delightful time.

The purpose of “Great-Grandpa Fussy and the Little Puckerdoodles” by Mardo Williams is truly intended as a read aloud book for the family to spend time together reading and enjoying, and of course, laughing at all his fun adventures. I love “Wishing on a Star.” It is a very cute story that made me remember my own experience when I was a kid, and my daughter’s experience.

When you read “Great-Grandpa Fussy and the Little Puckerdoodles” by Mardo Williams, you will see and feel how he uses his creativity and imagination in a very lovely way. The pictures and colors on every page are simply beautiful and caring. It is definitely a book to keep on your shelf as one of your favorites to share, for many more moments to come. As a mom, I loved it and my daughter simply loved and enjoyed it, as well.

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