Grandpappy Snippy Snappies by Lynn Plourde

Grandpappy Snippy Snappies by Lynn Plourde 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Grandpappy Snippy Snappies
Lynn Plourde
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780060280505
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4 1/2) and Max (age 2 1/2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (6/09)


In “Grandpappy Snippy Snappies,” every time grandpappy snaps his suspenders he saves the day.  But, what happens when his suspenders don’t snap anymore?

Cayden:  “This book has some funny pictures, like when the cows went flying and the policeman was on top of the hay, but I don’t get how snapping his suspenders helped them.  Was it magic?  The words were silly in the book.”

Max:  “I liked the policeman in his police car on the pile of hay.  I liked the train flying.  It was funny!”

Parent’s comments:
“Grandpappy Snippy Snappies” by Lynn Plourde was kind of a tongue-twister of a book to read, but the kids thought it was funny.  The illustrations in the book were just as silly as the words and enjoyable to look through.  The premise of the book is a little strange, but it was still entertaining nonetheless!

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