“Gramma Mouse Tells a Story” by M.E. Hembroff

“Gramma Mouse Tells a Story” by M.E. Hembroff 150 150 Reader Views Kids


M.E. Hembroff
Marjorie E. Hembroff (2016)
ISBN 9781773022994
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (3/17)

“Gramma Mouse Tells a Story” by M.E. Hembroff is about a mouse named Tiny, dashing to Cousin Mouse’s house. On the way, she runs into Mr. Dog, Ms. Kitty, and Ms. Hawk who are all very dangerous. The mice weren’t allowed to go there, but she was very fast and escaped without them knowing. At the end, Cousin Mouse and Tiny talk through the night before going to sleep.

I like that Gramma Mouse told a story. It was amazing! I did not like the three dangerous villains: Mr. Dog, Ms. Kitty, and Ms. Hawk. It was scary when the mouse’s heart beat fast.

At first I thought Tiny was a boy. I liked that. After Daddy told me that Tiny was Gramma Mouse when she was a kid, I wished Tiny was a boy.

I think the book should have been blue. Then I would like the art better. My sister would like it because it is beautiful like her. I don’t think this book is for boys because the book isn’t blue and there are only blue flowers. I recommend it to girls like my sister because my sister is beautiful like this book.

Parent’s Note:

I have read “Gramma Mouse Tells a Story” by M.E. Hembroff to my son a few times and he is always glued to the story and the drawings, especially the “thump, thump, thump” of the mouse’s heart when he’s scared. My son gets scared at those points too and says, “Daddy! Don’t read that so fast! You scared me!”

Here are my brief thoughts on the story: it ends abruptly. One second the mouse is worried about the cat and then he’s with his cousin. This part goes very fast and could be spread out more.

The author sent a very nice card and bookmark with the book. My son very much appreciated the card. He thought that was a very cool thing.

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