Goodnight Moon ABC: An Alphabet Book By Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon ABC: An Alphabet Book By Margaret Wise Brown 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Goodnight Moon ABC: An Alphabet Book
Margaret Wise Brown
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061894848
Reviewed by Madison (age 4) and Hailey (age 2) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (04/10)

“Goodnight Moon ABC” is an easy-to-learn alphabet book based on the original “Goodnight Moon.” The book takes the reader through the alphabet using words from the original story along with illustrations to match. It is an enjoyable read for children ages 0-5.

My children’s review:

Madison: “Can I read it”?

Mom: Madison read most of this book herself. She had trouble with the following words and letters because she didn’t quite understand what they were looking for. This is due to the letters all pulling from the original book.

I: she didn’t understand “In the great room” she was looking for an object to start with I.
K: she said Cat instead of kittens
N: she did not know “needles” she paid more attention to the yarn.
O: she said window
Q: I had to read quiet for her.
R: she argued with me that the R for red was wrong because it looks orange. I must agree with her. It really looks orange in print and does not look red. She said “It’s orange!”
T: She understood telephone but these days most kids only know the phone part of the word. She would have understood toothbrush or table better. I realize these objects might not be part of the original story and that’s why they were not included.
V: she did not understand valley, it prompted question and learning.
Madison: “Now we are going to go back and you (mommy) will repeat after me. I will teach you your letters! Now repeat after me….”

Mom: We repeated the entire book and she “taught” me my letters.
Hailey (age 2): “Letters mommy! A,B,C,D….” Hailey replied “Ouch hot!” to F for fire. M she pointed out mouse, O she repeated out. Hailey tried to point out the letters and repeat them. She is able to say most of her letters, the book helped put the sight of the letter together with the order and her ABC song. She enjoyed the pictures and colors. She said “Read it again” at the end of the book.
Mom’s Review: I think how my children responded shows how much they enjoyed this book. It was interactive, easy to read, yet had some areas that were more difficult and opened up discussion. I felt that some of the letters were a little out of reach, such as I for “In the great room” or O for “Out the window.” At this age they are simply learning based on objects, my four-year-old is just starting to grasp opposites, but that is hard to get from a book that is not showing teaching opposites. This book, “Goodnight Moon ABC,” is a wonderful addition to a well-loved classic. The girls really enjoy the book and I enjoy the interaction and opportunity to teach them based on their questions and reactions.



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