Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun
Marianne Berkes
Dawn Publications (2008)
ISBN 9781584691006
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (7/08)

I thought “Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun” was a great book! I really liked that the author used a lot of rhyming in her writing. I love poetry and planets so this was a great book for me.

I read it to my sister and she liked it too. I told my Mom it would be a good book to have for our homeschooling classes about space. I learned a lot from this book. Did you know that Saturn has winds of over 1,000 miles an hour? I also found out that the Sun is a star! There is a part on most of the pages where there is a drawing with planets. Every time a new planet is added to the story it gets added to the drawing. It makes it super easy to see just how far each planet is from each other and from the sun.

If you like to learn about planets and enjoying reading you will like this book, “Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun” by Marianne Berkes.

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