Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun By Marianne Berkes

Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun By Marianne Berkes 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun
Marianne Berkes
Dawn Publications (2008)
ISBN 9781584691006
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views (11/10)

Cayden’s comments:

“This book is about all of the planets. I like planets. We even just got new covers for our beds that have planets and rockets on them. In the book, there is a rhyme on every page about a different planet. Then at the bottom it says something about the planet like that the Earth tilts when it is going around the sun and that is what makes seasons. My favorite thing that I learned is that it is really windy on Saturn. They said the winds can be 1,000 miles an hour! There were a whole bunch of other things at the end too that told more about planets. I learned a lot in this book.”

Parent’s comments:

“Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun” is a great resource for both children and adults. My son and I enjoyed the rhymes and the fun way in which the information was presented. I also really enjoyed reading the “Tips from the Illustrator” section and learning how she created the illustrations in the book using melted crayons. She also gives tips for making melted crayon/wax paper planets which we just may try to decorate my sons’ room with!


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