God Made Me! He Made You! (with CD) by Alan Flory

God Made Me! He Made You! (with CD) by Alan Flory 150 150 Reader Views Kids

God Made Me! He Made You! (with CD)
Alan Flory
Bridgeway Books (2007)
ISBN 9781933538792
Reviewed by Olivia Alejandre (age 4) for Reader Views (1/08)

Mom’s review / summary:
Wow!  Beautiful photographs of animals – close up so kids can really see them well, easy-to-remember rhyming words, and an audio CD with the song that goes with the book.  And, of course, it reinforces that God made all of this beauty, including the person reading the book.

I think children respond to simple and bright artwork or photographs, which this book certainly has.  Olivia really looked at each picture and asked questions about most of them (or said something silly about the animals).

The chorus part of the song / rhyme is repetitive, which helps with remembering it and saying it along with me when we read.  Make this a part of your evening routine with your kids!

Some quotes from Olivia’s discussion with Mommy about the book “God Made Me! He Made You!”

“Pretty picture.” (the cover)

“The sheep look pretty.  I like the sheepies.”

“Those birdies look funny because they have funny colors on them.”

“What is that?”

[Mom]:  “A prairie dog.”

“What’s a prairie dog?”

“Softie !” (the prairie dog)

“Mommy, jellyfish will hurt you, right?  It will hurt very ouchie.”

“God made giraffies.  He made me.  He made ears.”

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