God Has a Plan for Little Girls By Kathryn Andrews Fincher

God Has a Plan for Little Girls By Kathryn Andrews Fincher 150 150 Reader Views Kids

God Has a Plan for Little Girls
Kathryn Andrews Fincher
Harvest House (2008)
ISBN 9780736921510
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (02/10)

I really liked this book, the pictures were beautiful. This book tells us about how God has a plan for all little girls. I liked the story about Mary having baby Jesus. She listened when God asked her to have a baby for him. I also liked the story about Susanna Wesley. She taught her children about God and homeschooled them. Two of her sons started a church; they founded the Methodist church. Another story, about Ruby Bridges, was pretty sad. She went to a school where none of the other children would speak to her. Other parents would yell at her as she entered the school. She was very strong, praying everyday like her Mother told her.

Parent’s Note:

“God Has a Plan for Little Girls” by Kathryn Andrews Fincher is a beautifully done book. However, I think the age category is a little young. While my daughter was able to read the words, I feel as though each story was a little long. I also thought it was a lot of information to digest for her age. My older 8.5-year-old daughter seemed to grasp the concept, but also seemed a little bored with all of the information. This leads me to believe that perhaps this book should be for an older group who can fully appreciate the wonderful stories.


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