Goalden Girl by Tracey Morait

Goalden Girl by Tracey Morait 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Goalden Girl
Tracey Morait
LuLu.com (2007)
ISBN 9781847997586
Reviewed by Anne Marie Medema (age 12) for Reader Views (4/08)

Tracey Morait is a talented author who writes mysteries and suspense novels for young readers.  In her book “Goalden Girl,” Tracey Morait winds in mystery, excitement and sports to tell the story to the reader.  Tracey Morait writes in a conversational style letting the characters tell the plot.  Tracey Morait uses the main characters life to explain other children’s lives.

“Goalden Girl” begins with the wedding of Gemma’s father to Shelly.  Gemma is a young girl who is independent and must accept her new stepmother into her life.  Due to her father’s remarriage, Gemma moves to a new school with all its challenges.  Her gym teacher, Mr. Cassidy, wants girls to play soccer but the head superintendent does not approve.  Tyrone, Gemma’s cousin, wants to do everything to stop the girls from forming a soccer team.  Tyrone and his mates sabotage and harass the girls.  When the girls finally get to play soccer, their soccer uniforms are destroyed.  The girls do not know who has ruined their uniforms.  Gemma’s stepsister Portia wants to attend ballet school, but she thinks she is fat and unable to dance.  Portia wants to go on a diet and join a soccer team.

At one of Gemma’s soccer meets at ChildwallSchool, Tyrone and his mates sit down on the soccer field while the girls are playing soccer.  Gemma’s father is upset with this action so he and another teacher grab Tyrone and carry him off the soccer field.  At a soccer game at Gemma’s old school, the LLF attacks again.  At WoodgateSchool, Gemma’s friend Becca makes a plan.  When the girls see Tyrone they are going to wave WoodGate scarves so they know from which direction Tyrone is approaching.  During the middle of the game Gemma and Becca see one of the girls waving a Woodgate scarf.  The LLF are attacking the soccer game.  When the LLF attacks there is a whistle blown and all the girls pick up water balloons and hurl them at the LLF.  Then a girl brings out a cardboard box of old eggs and sugar.  The girls throw the mixture of eggs and sugar at the LLF.  On the way home from the soccer game, Gemma stumbles upon Tyrone, beat up.  Tyrone was beat up by his LLF mates and Gemma calls an ambulance to help.  At the end of the book one of Tyrone’s good mates gives Gemma the name Goalden Girl.

I highly recommend “Goalden Girl” by Tracey Morait because it is a story mixed with humor, excitement and real-life situations.  Since I am a soccer player, I related to the main character Gemma, with her interest in sports.  But more so, I am just as independent and confident as Gemma is in “Goalden Girl.”  Just like Gemma was in the story, I keep pursuing my interests despite what other people say or think of me.   You can score a goal when you read “Goalden Girl” by Tracey Morait.

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