Global Warming for Young Minds: A Global Warming and Sustainability Guide for Children
Flemming Bermann
Eloquent Books (2010)
ISBN 9781609114688
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views (07/10)

“Global Warming for Young Minds: A Global Warming and Sustainability
Guide for Children” by Flemming Bermann is a book about global warming and recycling and how to keep our planet healthy. The book is really very short. Each chapter is one page and the next page has two or three very simple questions about the chapter. There are a few pictures puzzles and a maze.

The book makes a couple of very good points. Methane and carbon dioxide gases cause global warming. Global warming can cause problems for animals and even insects all over the world. Planting trees is very important because trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Recycling is very important and so is using less energy. It gives kids good ideas about how to keep our planet healthy and a good place to live.

The book has some good illustrations. But some of the illustrations for the word puzzles were pretty unclear, making the puzzles hard to solve for kids (and even for my Grandpa).

I would recommend this book to young children who want to learn about global warming. It doesn’t give a lot of details but it is a good place to start. “Global Warming for Young Minds” started a lot of good conversations in my family and most likely will for yours, too.

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