Giraffe Sounds? by Debbie Buttar

Giraffe Sounds? by Debbie Buttar 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Giraffe Sounds?
Debbie Buttar
GMEC Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780979430220
Reviewed by Cayden (age 5) and Max (age 3) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (8/09)


“Giraffe Sounds?” is the sister book to “Llama Sounds?”  In this 14-page board book, we travel to the jungle to learn the various sounds that the inhabitants, like the elephant, snake, and the hyena, make.  In the end, we find out what sound a giraffe makes.

Cayden:  “I didn’t know what sound the giraffe made either!  My favorite part of the book was the pictures of the monkey and the bear.  I liked the end of the book too!  It was kind of like the llama one, except in the jungle!”

Max:  “I liked the snake page.  Sssssssssss.  And the tiger!  I liked when the giraffe eats the page at the end like the llama did!”

Parent’s comments:
“Giraffe Sounds?” would be an excellent tool to utilize to teach young children animal sounds, most particularly jungle animal sounds.  The illustrations are fun and the book is very engaging.  It is also of an appropriate length to hold a toddler’s attention.  My boys loved both “Giraffe Sounds?” and Buttar’s sister book “Llama Sounds?”

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