“From God to Us” by Maria L. Ray

“From God to Us” by Maria L. Ray 500 368 Reader Views Kids

From God to Us
Maria L. Ray
YouthWide LLC (2020)
ISBN 9781679610707
Reviewed by Lydia (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (1/20)

“From God to Us” by Maria L. Ray is the story about a woman when she had a baby in her tummy. She had the baby, and it was a baby boy. The woman loved the baby boy, and the boy started growing up. All the time the woman would tell her son that he is special and that there is no one else like him in the universe.

The boy was good and did well in school. Then when he got older, he started acting not good because other kids wouldn’t play with him when he was good. One day, his mom got a phone call that the boy had gotten hurt. He was in the hospital for a long time, and his mom stayed there and read him stories because she hoped that he could still hear him while he was asleep. He slept for a long time, then one day he woke up and decided to be a good boy again. His mom never stopped loving him and telling him that he was special. The boy grew up some more and went to college, then he got married, and then he had a little boy of his own. He loved the little boy and told him, too, that he is very special and that there is no one in the universe like him.

Then I learned that God is always with us, just like our parents are always with us, and we are all very special! I like the pictures in this book because they are easy to look at and know what’s going on in the story. I like being told I am special and that the boy in the story is too. I didn’t understand some of the things that the boy was worried about when he was older, but mom said I’ll understand when I’m that age, too. I think any kid will like this book because it is happy at the beginning and end.

Note from Mom: “From God to Us” has a wonderful message for people of all ages to learn and/or be reminded of. I loved how the message empowers people to realize their uniqueness and how, because of this, we truly are special because our actions and contributions are up to us since there is no other us around to do it. I liked how the story has Christian undertones to it, and more plainly when the mother mentions that God will always look after him. I feel like anyone of any faith can read this book because it’s not pushy with the Christian aspect, but more so the being special and loved aspects that were great to be taught repetitively. A must-read for everyone!  

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