Friends (Mostly) By Barbara Joosse

Friends (Mostly) By Barbara Joosse 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Friends (Mostly)
Barbara Joosse
Greenwillow Books (2010)
ISBN 9780060882211
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) and Nana for Reader Views (07/10)

A colorful book that discusses when friends get along and then they have an argument. It’s about one trying to outdo the other. The lesson learned is some are better at certain things than others.

Zoey: “I liked the pictures, they were bright and fun. The story was about two friends who had fun, but fought sometimes. When they fought they missed each other. They decided to make up and agree that they both had better skills. My friends and I fight sometime. Then we make up. Make up means you agree to be friends again. This book said you shouldn’t be mad at friends. We all are different in some way. The words were easy to read.”

Nana: Zoey loved “Friends (Mostly)” and its colorful illustrations. She said she fights with friends- they always want to be first. She wants to be first to and win all the time. We talked about some kids being better at some things than others and that it’s okay.


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