Friends Forever: Adventures of Henderson By Anita Hilliker Kieslich

Friends Forever: Adventures of Henderson By Anita Hilliker Kieslich 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Friends Forever: Adventures of Henderson
Anita Hilliker Kieslich
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781449079970
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views (07/10)

“Friends Forever” by Anita Hilliker Kieslich is a book about a boy named Kevin who found a sick and dying duckling and saved its life. They have been best friends ever since. Kevin named the duck Henderson and took him everywhere, even to an amusement park. He even let Henderson sleep in a basket in his room, but sometimes Henderson wanted to sleep in his shoe instead. After a while Henderson needed to move to the pond to have more duck friends. Henderson’s move to the pond was sad for Kevin, but Kevin always went to the pond after school to visit and play. Then the day came that Kevin’s dad got a new job and the family had to move. But he told Henderson that he would try to come every year to visit him.

The pictures in this book were colorful but kind of simplistic and not very detailed. The drawings of Henderson, though, showed his sweet personality. The author provides several activities including a pattern for a paper duck that can be colored, sewn together and stuffed. I don’t think the project works very well on paper but it might be kind of nice on soft material.

I would recommend “Friends Forever” to kids who have had to move and miss their friends a lot. The book has a really good message: “miles can separate friends but can never separate friendship.”


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